Q&A for Interim Head


Why is Mr. Tucker leaving before his scheduled retirement in June 2014?
The Board of Trustees and Randy Tucker have been very thoughtful and deliberate in their planning for the school’s future and the transition to a new Head of School. We have learned from our consultants that it can often be very difficult to fill the shoes of a long-serving Head and that it is not uncommon for a new Head who follows a long-tenured Head to stay only two or three years. Hiring an interim not only provides a buffer but also allows us to attract a very strong candidate pool.
Randy Tucker has accomplished so much in his time at GPS. Under his leadership, the school has educated young women by engaging the mind, stimulating the spirit and instilling values and self-confidence; has experienced an academic evolution with technology at the forefront; and has enjoyed unprecedented campus growth from three major capital campaigns. Clearly, he leaves us far better than we were when he joined us.
In the coming months, we will have the opportunity to bid farewell and celebrate all that Randy has done for GPS.
Did the Board consider hiring an interim for the 2014-15 school year rather than next year?
During our Head search, we have learned it is best not to prolong the process of change. Because our transition period is already longer than most, adding yet another year would not be healthy for the search, the school, the faculty, and most importantly, the girls. Hiring an interim for the 2013-14 school year assures a smooth leadership transition.  
What is the role of the interim Head of School?
The interim provides stability and leadership during the Head of School transition and ensures that the school remains focused on its primary mission – our girls’ education. Specifically, the interim oversees the day-to-day operations of the school and is vigilant about aligning operations with the imperatives outlined in the strategic plan.
What is the timeline for hiring an interim?
The appointment of the interim is a priority, and we have already begun the search for the position, which will be filled by July 2013. S/he will engage all members of the GPS family – in the classroom, in our hallways, on the athletic field, in the community, and in her/his home right here on campus.
The timeline for our search for a permanent Head of School will not be affected by the interim search and is proceeding on schedule, with that individual starting in July 2014.
Isn’t it late in the year to be looking for an interim?
We are neither late nor early in the search process for an interim Head of School. Most candidates are completing their current year of service and planning for the next school year.
What kind of experience are we looking for in an interim?
We are seeking an interim Head with significant experience as a school leader and one who represents a “best fit” with GPS values and culture. Ideally, we hope to identify several outstanding candidates with interim Head of School experience; our findings thus far reveal that there are many well-qualified individuals.
Will the interim be a candidate in the ongoing permanent Head of School search?
Many interim Heads bring extensive Head of School experience, including service as interims, to their positions. Often, they are retired Heads of School who bring years of experience, energy and wisdom to the job but do not want to take on another permanent Headship. Our task is to select the most outstanding candidate or candidates for the interim and ongoing Head of School positions.
It is important to note that the interim will not be involved in the selection of the permanent Head of School but will play an integral role in ensuring a smooth transition of leadership at the year’s end.
If I have additional questions, whom should I call?
Please don’t hesitate to call any member of the Board of Trustees. We would be happy to talk with you about the decision to hire an interim and answer any other questions you may have.

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