Three Factors Families Should Consider

They wouldn’t settle for the petting zoo.
That’s how the women journalists who won the Pulitzer Prize for their Washington Post series “The Other Walter Reed” explained how they investigated the U.S. military hospital.  As reporters, Dana Priest and Anne Hull knew that visitors to the hospital would only be shown a small slice of life there. They would see the shiny new facilities and hear about miraculous breakthroughs in treatment. The reporters weren’t interested in the show and tell, though. They wanted to meet the soldiers, to understand the care they received, to know the resources available to them, and to understand their daily life.
At GPS, we won’t show you the petting zoo, either, and we invite you to see the whole picture of our school.
If you are in the midst of discerning the next step in your daughter’s educational journey, here are some things to bear in mind:

Factor #1:

Just as a girl’s experience is what she makes of it, you will reap what you put in to the admission process.

Each opportunity to engage at GPS is offered to give you an authentic look at the many facets that make up this amazing community. As this U.S. News and World Report article indicates, the numbers can only tell us so much about a school.

Factor #2:

Think about the opportunities that may exist for your girl next year and years from now.

GPS girls are challenged to fit it all in during the seven years they are with us, so how do we show and tell it all over the span of a few months? To make the best use of your time and ours, we don’t “create” events to mimic what we do; instead, we invite you to join us in our day. We put you in the midst of a typical day and let you experience it with the girls. We believe this is the best way to answer the question of fit and to experience the tangible sense of community. It is a reciprocal exercise as we are looking for girls and parents who align and connect with what we are doing programmatically to meet our mission.

Factor #3:

Consider the mission of the school.

At GPS, our mission statement reads:

Girls Preparatory School inspires each girl to lead a life of integrity and purpose by engaging her mind, cultivating her strengths, and nurturing her self-confidence and respect for others.
We've highlighted each as it clearly states our focus … not just girls in general, but each girl. We search for families who are interested in partnering with us to provide more for their daughter than societal stereotypes expect. We believe there is tremendous potential and power in being a girl. We are not just an ordinary school without boys; we are a school whose sole focus is girls. We can focus on their needs and support them as we stretch and challenge them to be the best version of themselves.