We are thrilled that you are exploring a Girls Preparatory School education for your daughter!

If you are completing this inquiry form in order to begin the admission process for the upcoming school year, you will soon receive an email with your login credentials and instructions on how to log in to your MyGPS account. For more information about the admission process, click here

If you are interested in Girls Preparatory School for an entering year beyond the upcoming school year, please complete this short inquiry form to have your information added to our database. You will begin to periodically receive correspondence from GPS. We look forward to beginning our work with you the fall before your daughter's entering year. 
Current Grade
(2018-19 School Year)
Entering Year Entering Grade
10th 2019-20 11th
9th 2019-20 10th
8th 2019-20 9th
7th 2019-20 8th
6th 2019-20 7th
5th 2019-20 6th
4th 2020-21 6th
3rd 2021-22 6th
2nd 2022-23 6th
1st 2023-24 6th
K 2024-25 6th