Where Self-Expression and Education Meet

Imagine delving deeply into Indonesian puppetry arts, writing a play in which the puppet will perform, creating a poster that markets that play, as well as a green screen movie trailer to advertise the play. And you’re not even half-way through sixth grade. 
From sun-filled studios, the girls engage in art making as well as group critiques and research. Beyond the classroom, opportunities abound for the girls to exhibit work in school and in local galleries, visit museums and galleries—particularly during Winter Break. Partnerships with nonprofit organizations such as Arts Build afford the girls a chance to create alongside local artists and learn more about their craft. Students may also participate in national talent searches, attend the Governor’s School for the Arts, and interact with visiting artists on campus as part of the GPS Guest Artist Series.
At the heart of the program, though, is a desire to expose the girls to a new arena of expression.
“When making art, girls can be who they are. Whether they fail or succeed doesn’t matter—it’s important that they try. Mistakes are merely happy opportunities.” —Meg Brock, Fine & Performing Arts Department Chair

Fine Arts Curriculum

The fine arts curriculum at Girls Preparatory School offers students a strong foundation in art elements and design principles while developing organizational and group thinking skills. Several Advanced Placement classes are offered.

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Art Gallery

Visit the GPS Art Gallery in the Mills Building to experience students' paintings, pottery, and other works of art.