2019 May Court and Queen Announced

The 2019 GPS May Court and Queen is announced during all-school assembly Friday, December 14.
Senior Myra Brock will reign as May Queen over the 2018-19 traditional May Day festivities, to be held Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Five classmates join Myra on the court: Olivia Fannon, Maya Bhutwala, Caitlin O’Brien, Allison Smith, and Ellie Swann. After the court is announced to the student body and faculty in the all-school assembly, votes cast by all students bestow the honor of May Queen to Myra Brock, and a second vote names Olivia Fannon as Maid of Honor.
Earlier in the week, the seniors voted for the May Court by selecting classmates who best represent their class and our school and the ideals and values we hold dear by considering the following criteria: The May Queen and Court should be representatives of the senior class in the highest sense. They should be gracious, friendly, and loyal to friends and to GPS. They should be actively and enthusiastically involved in the life of GPS, eager to give of their time and their talents. They should stand for the highest ideals of character and integrity. They should be respected and admired by fellow schoolmates and faculty alike. When voting for the May Queen and Maid of Honor, students are asked to consider the same criteria.

Dr. Autumn Graves, Head of School, says, “Each of the six members of the 2019 May Court has made her unique impact and contribution to our community during her time at GPS and embodies the qualities expected of the court. To see them represent many different interests, strengths, and accomplishments while receiving the honor of being chosen to May Court—the highest honor a girl can receive during her career at GPS—is to see our school’s mission and values being lived out.”

Myra Brock, May Queen
Myra is the co-captain of the varsity soccer team, a member of the varsity cross country and track and field teams, a member of the Senior Class Leadership Council (CLC), and a leader and member of Christian Forum and the forum’s Middle School leader. Formerly homeschooled, Myra joined us at GPS her eighth-grade year.

Olivia Fannon, Maid of Honor
Olivia is the president of Partnerships in the Community (PIC), a member of National Honor Society, and a devoted volunteer at the Glenwood Center. Olivia joined us at GPS her ninth grade year from East Hamilton Middle High School.

Caitlin O’Brien, Crown Bearer
Caitlin is the president of GyPsieS, the captain of the lacrosse team, and a member of the Student Council for the last three years. Caitlin began her GPS journey in the sixth grade after attending Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School (OLPH).

Allison Smith, Scepter Bearer
Allison is the president of the Student Council, captain of the varsity rowing team, and president of the GPS chapter of the Junior State of America. A former student at Loftis Middle School, Allison came to GPS in ninth grade.

Ellie Swann, Left Train Bearer
Ellie is a member of the Senior Class Leadership Council (CLC), the varsity rowing team, and Amnesty. Ellie joined us in sixth grade after attending Normal Park Museum Magnet School.

Maya Bhutwala, Right Train Bearer
Maya is the co-editor-in-chief of the Kaleidoscope, vice president of the National Honor Society, and head layout editor of Calliope. Maya began GPS in sixth grade after attending The Montessori School.

Photos from the announcement are available here on our SmugMug account for you to enjoy, download for free, or order prints for a small fee.