McKinley Self '16 Elected Vice President of Engineering School Council at Auburn

McKinley Self ‘16 elected vice president of the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering’s school council at Auburn University.
Congratulations to McKinley Self ‘16 on being elected vice president of the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering’s school council at Auburn University!

As vice president of the executive team of the college of engineering’s school council—school council is a branch of the Student Government Association at Auburn—McKinley will meet with and represent all of the organizations within engineering and work on their behalf with the deans to enhance and improve the quality of each engineering student’s experience. In addition to organizing and volunteering for collegewide events for students and holding a town hall meeting where they can give their input on what they like or want changed in the college, she and the other members of the council are establishing a mentorship program, which will connect current students to young alumni of the college to help them be better prepared for future jobs and internships. YOU. GO. GIRL!

In reflecting on her journey to pursue engineering—her major is industrial and systems engineering—and her decision to run for a leadership position, McKinley credits GPS and GPS teacher Mr. Haynes. “I never even realized I loved anything related to engineering until taking physics with Mr. Haynes at GPS. His passion and love for it is what made me go into engineering in the first place! I actually thought about sending him an email because I really don’t think I’d be in engineering if it weren’t for him and now I LOVE it,” she says. “I don’t think I would have had the voice to step up and into a leadership position without learning how to do that first at GPS,” she continues. “It sounds cheesy but I think GPS taught me that girls can do anything boys can and the only things holding me back are myself and fear. The most rewarding things in my life are when I’ve stepped up and stepped out of my comfort zone. At GPS, I learned how to go for what I want to do and to take initiative in my life.”

#YGG, McKinley! We are so proud of you.