Engineering Design & Application Students Take to the Pool

Four cardboard boats are put to the test.
When it comes to crafting a seaworthy vessel, cardboard rarely tops the list of best materials, but GPS students have long tested function over fabrication in their engineering design and application class.

This semester, students in Jill Pala Pieritz’s engineering class designed and built cardboard boats and then put their crafts to the test in the school pool this morning. Four teams took to the water and launched their boats for a race across the width of the pool and back.

The competing teams were:

SPIKE THE DRAGON built by Ella Ensign, Kayla Milner, and Star Stowell.
BIKINI BOTTOM EXPRESS built by Abby Grace Kueter, CJ Polk, and Manasa Makam
THE ICEBERG built by Lauren Thacker, Emily Kreek, Charlie Haynes, and Astrid Cantrell
OCEAN’S RAFT built by Savannah Stout, Emily Richardson, and Catherine Lynch
Ultimately the Bikini Bottom Express was victorious with The Iceberg making a last-minute lunge at the finish. Congratulations, girls!