Dr. Avery Mixon Visits Anatomy Class Today

Learning about blood enhanced by outside expert, visit to center.
In our Upper School anatomy and physiology classes this school year, students (solo or with a partner) are charged with inviting a guest speaker to campus to address their class. “The girls signed up in August for the unit they wanted for the assignment,” says Mrs. Erin Davis Sizemore ’98, science teacher. 
For the guest speaker component of class, students initiate, invite, and finalize all correspondence; greet their guests upon arrival to campus, and introduce them to the class. Afterward, they send thank-you notes. 
Today in C period, Katherine Lockwood ’21 and May Olson ’21 facilitated the speaker, Avery Mixon, M.D., a pediatric hematology/oncology specialist with Children’s Hospital at Erlanger. Mixon talked to the girls about various blood diseases and disorders as well as the function of red and white blood cells. 
“The girls are also responsible for letting the speaker know their background in the course, including what units we have studied,” Sizemore says. “This was our concluding day on blood.”
Additionally, students are required to educate the class with the speaker’s background the class day prior to the speaker’s visit. They also facilitate the classroom discussion and Q&A as well as ensure any technology needs are attended to for their presentation. 
As part of their unit on blood, the two classes also previously visited Blood Assurance in Chattanooga, a nonprofit, full-service regional blood center serving 64 healthcare facilities in the Southeast. 
The learning experience in anatomy and physiology is enhanced by collaborating with classmates, drawing upon the expertise of people in our community, and going outside the classroom to see real-world applications of what is being covered in the course.