A Facebook Message Prompts a Happy Reunion

A class ring found on the side of the road is returned to its owner
A reunion nearly 45 years in the making started with a Facebook message. A woman named Sharon had found a class ring on the side of the road in Brunswick, Georgia, in the 1970s and, not knowing to whom it belonged, she tucked it away for safekeeping. The gold initials, GPS, and crest were embedded on a black stone, and she wondered if it could possibly be from our school.

Sharon emailed a photo of what was in fact a GPS class ring from the Class of 1974. Inside were the initials MKL. A search of our database found Mary Katherine Lawrence as the potential owner and a quick call confirmed our hunch. Dr. Lawrence was indeed missing her class ring; she lost it not long after graduating from GPS.

We were able to share email addresses with Sharon and Dr. Lawrence so the two could work out a means for mailing the ring. And thank goodness each ring has the girl’s initials engraved inside!

Why did Sharon wait so long to look for its owner? She discovered the ring as a teenager, long before the internet made searching for its owner an easy endeavor, and she recently came across it again during a home remodeling project. Her curiosity and hope to return the ring prompted a Google search, which led to the Facebook message. “WOW!” she wrote, when we told her we found to whom it belonged. “I have held onto it all this time thinking maybe one day …” 

Of course Dr. Lawrence was thrilled to have her ring returned to her. We love a good reunion story, especially one that involves seeing our beloved GPS class ring back with its original owner.