The GPS Community Celebrates Middle School Class Day

Afternoon virtual ceremony recognized students for character, citizenship, and participation
Typically Class Day would be the final day the entire school gathered together for the year, but due to our being off campus for the remainder of the school year, we met online, Tuesday afternoon, May 12, to honor our classmates for their contributions to our GPS community. 

Head of School Dr. Autumn Graves opened Middle School Class Day with a welcome to all those present.

“Some people may think this celebration is only for the six girls who are receiving these character awards,” Graves said. “This is a day when we celebrate each and every GPS middle school student. These girls would not have friends, people to follow, or people to lead without each of you. Together all of you make the Middle School an incredible community.”

She went on to thank the Middle School teachers for the love and support they provide the girls both on campus and through distance learning, with special recognition to their dean of students, class deans, and Middle School administrators for “the special attention they give to the culture of the Middle School and all of the ways they make each girl know she belongs.”

After the awards were presented, Ms. Lynne Macziewski, Head of Middle School, reminded those in attendance that the awards given were voted upon by their classmates and added, “Girls, I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am today of not only our award winners, who exemplify what it means to be a GPS girl at heart, but also of each and every one of you in our Middle School. Over the past few months, you have persevered through one of the most difficult times of your lives, and the resilience, determination, and grit you have shown is second to none. You should all be proud of yourselves and your accomplishments this year. 

“Most importantly, however, is the love, kindness, and grace you have shown your teachers, your peers, and yourself throughout this adventure. You have continued to thank, acknowledge, and appreciate the adults in your lives for the ways in which they continue to grow and enrich your educational experience at GPS and, for that, we thank you. You will always have this experience that will bond you together in a unique way, and the way in which you have risen to the challenges you have faced this year make you all stronger individually and as a whole. I am so very proud of each of you.”

Congratulations to the following students for their awards. We appreciate and acknowledge your contribution to our community. Also, congratulations to all GPS Middle School students on a successful near-completion of your 2019-20 school year.


Sixth-Grade Awards
Presented by Mrs. Kipton Lankford Tugman ’92, Sixth-Grade Class Dean

Margaret Wheland Cate Award | Paulina Proshkin ’26
The Margaret Wheland Cate Award is given to a member of the sixth-grade class who possesses Margaret’s character traits of dedication and determination as shown through her level of involvement in school activities and her loyalty to GPS.

Joan Haley Frierson Award | Adreanna Calloway ’26
The Joan Haley Frierson Award is given to the sixth-grade girl whose positive attitude and strong leadership abilities set her apart. She leads others in a wise and gracious manner and has made a significant contribution to the school during her sixth-grade year.

Seventh-Grade Awards
Presented by Mrs. Laurel Moore Zahrobsky ’90, Seventh-Grade Class Dean

Ruth Schmidt Award | Gwyneth Parks ’25
The Ruth Schmidt Award is given to the seventh-grade girl, whose love and enthusiastic support for her school make her an invaluable asset, not only to her class but to the entire GPS family.

Thedford Award | Frances Bohner ’25
The Thedford Award is given to an outstanding member of the seventh-grade class.

Eighth-Grade Awards
Presented by Ms. Jordan McCarter ’96, Eighth-Grade Class Dean

Janet Lea Jackson Award | Abigail Carpenter ’24
Presented in memory of Janet Lea Jackson, this is given to an eighth-grader who participates in GPS activities and is respected by her classmates.

DAR Youth Citizenship Award | Ella Harris ’24
The DAR Award is given to an eighth-grader who possesses the following characteristics: Honor: honesty, high principles, trustworthiness, loyalty, truthfulness, punctuality, moral strength and stability, cleanliness in mind and body; Service: cooperation, meritorious behavior bringing honor to school or community, kindliness, unselfishness, true Americanism, individual responsibility to God, home, and country; Courage: mental and physical, determination to over obstacles; Leadership: personality, originality, ability to lead others, good sportsmanship, responsibility; Patriotism: fundamental Americanism.

Black, Blue, and White Award | White Team
Presented by Mrs. Debbie Glasscock, Art Teacher and BBW Advisor