2020-21 National Beta Club Inductions

28 Students Inducted into the GPS chapter of the National Beta Club
On Friday's Chapel, February 5, 28 students were inducted into the GPS chapter of National Beta Club, an organization for fourth through 12th-grade students that promotes the ideals of academic achievement, character, leadership, and service. 
In a ceremony led by GPS Beta Club president, Maggie Parsley '21, and vice president, Hunter McVay '21, new members were welcomed into the club. AnnaKate Stipanov '21 serves as secretary; Katie Day '21 is treasurer. 
"Our club is an academic, leadership, and service-based organization and, as such, we hope to be of service to our school, community, state, and world," Maggie said. "The National Beta Club is committed to recognizing and promoting high academic achievement, encouraging service to others, and developing character and leadership skills. We, of the Beta Club, hope to provide a stimulus to push students to do their best work. The motto of the National Beta Club is 'Let Us Lead by Serving Others.' The commitment to being a leader is vital in the establishment and defining of one’s goals. This ability to lead inspires others to be just as productive and successful as these girls. Each of these girls leads in the classroom and has shown excellence by reaching and keeping the high standards they have set for themselves."

Hunter added, "Service to others is indeed one of the most important characteristics of Beta Club membership. These girls always strive to do their best, while also encouraging others along the way. Our 136-member chapter has documented over 18,000 service hours over the last three years, and our new members have served GPS and the community for more than 2,300 hours of their time. Each girl has shown character by her honor and her sense of responsibility, and they always accomplish their commitments with enthusiasm. The requirements for membership are such that a student must show a commendable attitude as well as good grades. Today, we meet here to honor the students who have met those requirements. These 28 girls being inducted today demonstrate all the ideals of character, achievement, service and leadership, not only toward the school but also to the community and to themselves. They have also successfully fulfilled the GPA and service requirements set forth by our local chapter."
Congratulations to the 28 girls listed here for their induction into this honor club.

Abigail Carpenter
Scout Chapin
Lucie DeGaetano
Arysa Kayasit
Ella Peterson

Meghan Boehm
Caroline Clark
Atlee Elliott
Erin Ensign
Rowan Espy
Mary Chapman Hayes 
Megan Jones
Hannah Grace Kornberg
Alden Mazo
Emma McDonald
Anisha Phade
Marina Rodgers
Olivia Stafford
Belle Wallin
Anabel Wilson
Hayden Wise
Olivia Burns
Caroline Hutcherson
Emily Kreek
Mary Claire Nimon
Madison Proctor
Emily Richardson
JC Wiedmer