GPS World Languages Department Celebrates Successes

New members inducted into honor societies and award winners announced
On Monday, May 1, the French Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society inducted its newest members to the GPS chapters in special ceremonies during Chapel. 

French Honor Society Inductees:
  • Brooke Adams
  • Aster Coffman
  • Mabry Cook
  • Ebba Cox
  • Cat Feeney
  • Arysa Kayasit
  • Evelyn Towns

Spanish Honor Society Inductees:
  • Hannah Wise
  • Lawson Barrueta
  • Charlotte Parsely
  • Gywneth Parks
  • Kendall Ownby 
  • Jolee Smith
  • Anika Bhushan 
  • Layan Siyam

In addition to the honor societies, students in French, Spanish, and Latin also take a national exam each year. The first category of award—honorable mention—is awarded to students who place between the 50th and 74th percentile at the national level; bronze medals are awarded to students who placed between the 75th and 84th percentiles at the national level; silver medalists are those who placed in 85th to 94th percentiles at the national level; and gold is awarded to the 95th percentile and above.

Recently, we learned the results of this year’s exams:

National French Exam
Introduction to French
Anna Lazarus - silver medal
Level 1
Amelia Claire Anderson - honorable mention
Lenore Sanders - honorable mention
Stephanie Zhong - honorable mention
Mailande Wilson - honorable mention
Vivi Lawson - honorable mention
Lilly Jane Gibson - honorable mention
Gracyn Coverly - silver medal
Zora Hammond - silver medal
Level 2
Amelia Talley - honorable mention
Meri-Madeline Sanders - honorable mention
Olivia Center - honorable mention
Paulina Proshkin - honorable mention
Svenya-Rose Friebner-Mueller - bronze medal
Level 3
Ebba Cox - honorable mention
Arysa Kayasit - silver medal
Level 5
Sophie McGee - honorable mention 

National Spanish Exam
Level 1
Victoria Schmidlin - bronze medal
Amiya Phade - gold medal
Level 2
Annabelle Smith - honorable mention
Lucy Faler - honorable mention 
Lauren Gardner - honorable mention
Lola Lawless - silver medal
Level 3
Eliana Tabibiazar - honorable mention
Lawson Barrueta - honorable mention
Layan Siyam - honorable mention 
Ella Whitaker - honorable mention
Ellison Ball - honorable mention
Anika Bhushan - honorable mention 
Charlotte Parsley - bronze medal
Gywneth Parks - bronze medal
Kerrigan Coverly - silver medal
Level 4
Noor Ali - honorable mention
Emma Proshkin - honorable mention
Juanita Garcia - honorable mention 
Ella Harris - bronze medal
Audrey Zmaj - bronze medal 
Anisha Phade - silver medal
Ash Day - silver medal
National Latin Exam
Level 3
Ella Beth Wiedmer - gold medal
Sydnie Williams - silver medal