More Than A School

At GPS, learning stretches far beyond the classroom. Through traditions, clubs, speaker series, student leadership organizations, and a coordinate program with our brothers and friends of McCallie School, the girls of GPS explore and pursue their purpose, fuel their confidence, find their voice, and develop lifelong friendships with each other and their coed peers.
"Girls' schools are focused solely on girls-how they learn, how they play, how they develop friendships, and what they need to be successful." —Trudy Hall, former President of NCGS Board and former Head of Emma Willard School

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  • GPS girls weaving May Pole at May Day celebration


    With each tradition comes a valuable experience from which our girls shape their views of friendship, sisterhood, integrity, and confidence. Learn more.
  • GPS students exploring outdoors

    Clubs + Special Programs

    Within a long list of clubs, special programs, and activities, girls explore and pursue their interests and begin to discover their purpose. Learn more.
  • Members of GPS student leadership posing together

    Student Leadership

    At GPS, every position—student organizations, class officers, team leaders, etc.—is held by a girl, providing more opportunity for girls to develop leadership skills, find their voices, and build their confidence. Learn more.
  • GPS girl hugging on overlook


    Building relationships with peers and adults is paramount to girls during these formative years. Advisory groups are small communities which seek to provide a space for safe, close, mutually respectful relationships between a student, an adult, and her peers. Learn more.
  • GPS and McCallie students at a coordinate activity

    Including Boys

    Our coordinate program with our brothers and friends of McCallie School offers countless activities and opportunities for developing coed friendships. Learn more.

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