Remembering the Future

The purpose of GPS Giving Circles is to broaden the circle of supporters who are committed to girl-centered education and the mission of GPS and capable of making a significant gift over three years to the GPS Impact Fund. Members of these circles will become a part of an exclusive group who will be included in special gatherings with the Head of School, in addition to other Giving Society benefits.

Giving Circles enable GPS to:
  • BUILD for the future of GPS;
  • ENSURE the stability of the school and make it possible for the school to thrive,
  • SIGNAL confidence in the institution as an independent girls' school and its traditions and students; and
  • PROVIDE a solid financial foundation for the resources that will allow the school to be strategic and innovative in moving forward.

GPS girls receive the education of a lifetime. Their experiences as GPS students are rich and meaningful and shape them into women of integrity and purpose. As a member of these circles, you lead by example. You model loyality and a commitment to invest in the future of GPS. Your involvement is needed to help GPS have a transformational impact on the life of every student who attends this great school.

Giving Circles

Here’s to the girls of the GPS!