Mission Statement

Girls Preparatory School inspires each girl to lead a life of integrity and purpose by engaging her mind, cultivating her strengths, and nurturing her self-confidence and respect for others.
Adopted June 2016


In partnership with parents, Girls Preparatory School pledges to integrate these values, not only in our policies but also in our daily lives.
Adopted January 2017

Diversity Statement

GPS welcomes a diverse community and values the dignity, individuality, and unique experiences and talents of each of its members. 
Adopted November 2020

We strive to be a safe place where each girl feels she belongs and where all girls have access to the opportunities and support they need to succeed.  We seek to identify and eliminate biases and stereotypes, and we aspire to celebrate differences and foster a culture of mutual respect.

By embracing a rich variety of experiences and perspectives, we expand our capacity for learning, enrich the quality and texture of school life, and better prepare our students for life and leadership in a pluralistic society.

Our programs and approaches will continue to evolve as we engage in ongoing self-reflection and dialogue with all members of our community.