About Us

Our Mission and Values

Inspiring Each Girl

At GPS, our mission and values provide an integral framework that supports every interaction with our students. We believe that in addition to providing students robust and engaging academics and girl-centered social-emotional support, we should also provide an environment that encourages girls to live out the values that will help them meaningfully contribute to the betterment of their families and communities. Each girl learns to focus on who she will become as much as what she will accomplish.
"The GPS community encouraged me to create meaningful connections by always having a fun and open environment to learn and grow as a person."
—Claire Mitchell '23

Our Mission

Girls Preparatory School inspires each girl to lead a life of integrity and purpose by engaging her mind, cultivating her strengths, and nurturing her self-confidence and respect for others.
Adopted June 2016

Our Values

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  • +Honor

    At GPS girls develop strong character; they learn to take responsibility for their own actions and understand the importance of keeping their word.
  • +Respect

    At GPS self-respect and respect for others go hand in hand; girls treat each other as they would like to be treated and learn to embrace their differences.
  • +Curiosity

    At GPS each girl is encouraged to be curious about the world around her by asking questions, challenging assumptions, and thinking critically.
  • +Individuality

    At GPS each student is unique, loved for who she is and for whom she has the potential to become.
  • +Relationships

    At GPS each student is unique, loved for who she is and for whom she has the potential to become.
"GPS consistently pushed me outside of my comfort zone. Because of that, I've learned to be more vulnerable with others which has, in turn, helped me to meet and be impacted by people I would've never crossed paths with. I'm incredibly grateful for the friends GPS has given me."
—Ja'niah Cooper '23

Our Vision

To celebrate each girl for the unique gifts she brings to our school, on campus and off, prioritizing healthy connections and relationships, fostering a culture where she is known, she is heard, and she is empowered to use her voice. This culture of acceptance and belonging nurtures her and lifts her up in mind, body, and spirit so that she can find her place and discover her potential with confidence and joy for dynamic engagement within a rapidly changing world.

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  • + Diversity Statement

    GPS is a diverse community that values the dignity, individuality, and unique perspectives of each of its members. We are committed to creating opportunities to connect and learn across our differences.

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  • + Statement on Faith

    Founded in 1906 on Christian principles, GPS is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment that welcomes individuals of all faiths. We are committed to educating the whole girl—mind, body, and spirit.

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  • + Belonging Statement

    GPS prioritizes belonging for each girl and creates a community where she is known, heard, and empowered to use her voice. We are committed to a culture of acceptance that supports each girl and embraces her authentic self.