An Important Part of the Journey

Middle School is a time for girls to begin an important journey of discovery. At GPS, we believe the journey should be one of growing self-awareness and confidence, as girls make friends, explore the world through education, and develop their voice within it. 
The core tenet of our Middle School philosophy is to engage girls in "joyful learning," understanding that when children have interest, education happens. An expanded interdisciplinary program in all middle school classes keeps learning exciting and interesting. Additionally, we offer programming other area schools do not, such as required computer science in sixth and seventh grades.
As we prepare our girls for their next step—in this case, upper school—the middle school culture equips them with the academic preparation they need, as well as strong organizational skills and social/emotional support.

In an environment that is calm, predictable, and structured, girls learn how to make informed social decisions, cope with their emotions, and respond to social pressures. Our eighth grade middle school girls "walk across the lawn" the fall of their freshman year ready to continue their journey in becoming their best selves. 
"To inspire a girl to reach her highest potential means we understand how to engage her mind, body, and spirit in the learning process. We take our lead from her and, from the first day she steps onto our campus, walk this wondrous journey of growing together."—Lynne Macziewski, Head of Middle School

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Middle School

  • The GPS Middle School comprises approximately 250 girls in grades six through eight.
  • The GPS sixth grade class is generally made up of students from 40 different elementary schools in the region. While the majority of students live in and around Chattanooga, some students from nearby cities in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama also choose GPS for their education.
  • More than 90% of Middle School students begin their GPS journey in sixth grade. 
  • Middle School students use iPads in every class.
  • 98% of GPS Middle Schoolers feel they get the support they need to succeed academically.
  • 100% of GPS Middle Schoolers report that their classes use:
    • Technology
    • Independent work
    • Interactive discussions
    • Group work/collaboration
    • Research
    • Hands-on activities
    • Projects