Upper School

Preparing for College and Life

Upper school students begin to imagine the future they wish to pursue and focus on their path to college. Our curriculum is designed to create students who are critical thinkers, articulate speakers and writers, empathetic collaborators, and resilient problem-solvers.

The ultimate goal of the upper school is to prepare our students for college and beyond. As girls move through their upper school years, students expand their knowledge, practice and strengthen independence and self-advocacy, and assume the position in the driver's seat of their education. When our girls move on from GPS, they are prepared to enter the college world equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to thrive. 

"In the Upper School, girls search for their calling. More importantly, they search together, and this collaboration provides one of the great benefits of an all-girls’ high school. Rich in the traditional canon but recognizing the new challenges that face graduates of the 21st century, GPS addresses the need to know the past, the skills needed to succeed in the world today, and the vision to predict those needed tomorrow." —Jenise Gordon, Head of the Upper School

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Upper School

  • The Upper School at GPS consists of close to 400 girls in grades nine through 12.
  • They learn to experiment, fail, and recover by taking advantage of broad curricular offerings, small class sizes, and support functions.
  • Upper School students use laptops in all academic disciplines.
  • 100% of recent alumnae say they were appropriately challenged at GPS.
  • 99% of recent GPS graduates report they are thriving in college.
  • 96% of GPS Upper Schoolers feel they get the support they need to succeed academically.
  • Nearly 20% of Upper School students enter GPS in 9th grade or above.
  • 100% of GPS graduates attend four-year colleges or universities across the country and world.