About Us

Our Strategic Plan

Our learner-centered community supports each girl’s unique path to success, prioritizing personalized learning and wellbeing. With a focus on essential lifelong skills, our programming encourages critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration while empowering our students to become agents of change. Our partnerships within the greater Chattanooga community provide GPS girls with diverse experiences and engagement with people who foster connection and individual growth. We take pride in our school, honoring our Founders’ legacy and planning for a vibrant future. With empathy, respect, and civility, we champion and challenge each student, helping her discover and develop her passions and potential. 
Join us as we embark on our next chapter and continue to make GPS the best school for girls. 

Our Strategic Goals

List of 3 items.

  • + Celebrate the Whole Girl

    Encourage her joy of learning, spirit of discovery, and confidence in herself.
    • Create a learner-centered school program that fosters academic excellence and curiosity by appropriately challenging each girl. 
    • Prioritize the development of each girl’s wellness, character, and individuality. 
    • Expand belonging efforts to intentionally celebrate each girl and her contributions to the GPS community and beyond.
  • + Celebrate Community and Connection

    Deepen reciprocal partnerships within our community and world.
    • Engage meaningfully in the Chattanooga community through relationship building and service.  
    • Offer authentic experiences with real-world connections. 
    • Build students’ awareness and understanding of the wider world and their places in it.
  • + Celebrate and Steward GPS for a Robust Future

    Secure our institutional health for today and tomorrow.
    • Invest in faculty and staff as our primary resource for creating a strong learner-centered community and culture. 
    • Reimagine buildings and grounds to support curricular and programmatic needs.
    • Build and extend financial and philanthropic models to ensure long-term sustainability.

Strategic Plan News

Strategic Plan In Action

Our Mission

Girls Preparatory School inspires each girl to lead a life of integrity and purpose by engaging her mind, cultivating her strengths, and nurturing her self-confidence and respect for others.
Adopted June 2016

Our Values

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  • +Honor

    At GPS girls develop strong character; they learn to take responsibility for their own actions and understand the importance of keeping their word.
  • +Respect

    At GPS self-respect and respect for others go hand in hand; girls treat each other as they would like to be treated and learn to embrace their differences.
  • +Curiosity

    At GPS each girl is encouraged to be curious about the world around her by asking questions, challenging assumptions, and thinking critically.
  • +Individuality

    At GPS each student is unique, loved for who she is and for whom she has the potential to become.
  • +Relationships

    At GPS each student is unique, loved for who she is and for whom she has the potential to become.

Our Vision

To celebrate each girl for the unique gifts she brings to our school, on campus and off, prioritizing healthy connections and relationships, fostering a culture where she is known, she is heard, and she is empowered to use her voice. This culture of acceptance and belonging nurtures her and lifts her up in mind, body, and spirit so that she can find her place and discover her potential with confidence and joy for dynamic engagement within a rapidly changing world.