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We Play to Win, But Not Just on the Field

Research shows that every aspect of a girl’s life can be enhanced by participating in sports: relationships, confidence, emotional wellbeing, even academic performance. That’s why our athletic program is specifically designed for girls.

The GPS Athletics mission teaches girls to be team players, understand the importance of mental toughness, accept challenges enthusiastically, and value strength, fitness, stamina, and good health. Ultimately, the GPS athletic environment is about aiming to be the very best on the field of competition, in the classroom, and in life. That attitude is shared by the outstanding staff of award-winning GPS coaches and more than 300 players each year who are involved at the varsity and middle school levels.
“Everything is tailored to be as positive as it can be for our girls. We don’t just care about them as soccer players or swimmers, we also care about their academic success, personal growth, and development. We are truly invested in the whole girl.” 
—Jay Watts, CMAA, GPS Director of Athletics, Head Coach for Poland’s Women’s National Lacrosse Team, five-time winner of Georgia State Coach of the Year and 11-time winner of Area Coach of the Year in lacrosse

Physical education and athletics at GPS help a girl realize that she has the ability to overcome adversity, push through challenges, and be in control of her body and its amazing potential. 
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Upcoming Events

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  • Jul

    Fall Varsity Sports Begin Practice

  • Sep

    River City Rumble Volleyball Tournament

  • Oct

    Fall Tailgate/ Baylor @ GPS Varsity Soccer Match

  • Oct

    TSSAA State Soccer Tournament

  • Nov

    Winter Varsity Sports First Day of Practice

  • Jan

    TSSAA Track and Field Rules Meeting

  • May

    TSSAA Spring Fling

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What We Play

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  • Basketball

  • Bowling

  • Cheerleading

  • Climbing

  • Cross Country

  • Diving

  • Golf

  • Lacrosse

  • Rowing

  • Soccer

  • Softball

  • Squash

  • Swimming

  • Tennis

  • Track & Field

  • Volleyball

"Girls thrive in sports when they feel connected, supported, and encouraged to do and be their absolute best. As a coach it's my responsibility to consistently build connections that fuel self-confidence and positivity."
—Janna Eichelberger, Assistant Director of Athletics, Head Basketball Coach, and Sixth-Grade PE Teacher 
bruis·er (\'brü-zər) n.
At GPS, a Bruiser is a GPS girl who—in the athletic arena and in life—is an athlete, a fighter, leader, hard worker, teammate, winner, and a sister. She is tough, aggressive, strong, unbreakable, dedicated, bold, resilient, fair, smart, confident, prepared, and empowered. 

We're All About the Girls

At GPS, girls take every game-winning shot, hold every leadership position, and win every Bruiser state championship. Girls sports are not just a priority; they are the sole focus of our athletics program. One hundred percent of our resources—from coaching and facilities to strength and conditioning training—is dedicated to the support and success of our female athletes.

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  • + Encouraging

    Girls perform best when they feel supported, and everyone at GPS is invested in their success. Teachers show support by attending games and match; coaches ask athletes about their classroom performances. Our coaches are not only experienced in their individual sports, they also understand the socio-emotional development of girls. Instruction is individualized and intentional, always considering a girl’s physical, mental, and emotional needs.
  • + Individualized

    Every aspect of our newly redesigned strength and conditioning program is geared toward helping Bruisers build strength, improve performance, speed recovery, and avoid injuries. In particular, our ACL prevention program strengthens the hips, knees, and ankles to lower the risk of this all-too-common female athletic injury. As the only all-female program in the Chattanooga area with two nationally certified strength and conditioning coaches, GPS offers a weight room with an intentionally designed training program not found in coed settings. Each athlete is on her own individual plan and modifications are made on any given day.
  • + Relational

    An all-girl environment emboldens student-athletes to explore any sport that may interest them, and they have a wide array of options—from rock climbing to rowing, soccer to softball. Once they join the team, they experience a camaraderie that is simply unmatched. They become sisters in sports.
  • + Supportive

    With a program specifically designed for their physical, mental, and socio-emotional needs, girls receive the support necessary to play sports. This supportive and nurturing environment not only increases participation, but also gives girls the confidence to explore collegiate opportunities.

Our founders incorporated exercise into the curriculum in 1906. Since then, GPS has been a trailblazer for the advancement of girls athletics in Chattanooga, launching sports programs where there were previously none.

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