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The arts at Girls Preparatory School are not limited to studio spaces and stage performances—they are integrated into nearly every facet of life. At GPS, arts education is an essential part of the whole curriculum, with a wide range of opportunities for girls to explore artistic expression and to develop critical thinking skills that are important in academics, in life.

In 2012, the department received the Southern Regional College Board Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Arts. GPS’s Middle School interdisciplinary program, Interdisciplinary Investigations, was cited as “a testament to the kind of positive impact that high expectations for all students can have on their learning.” The Fine Arts approach, however, is interdisciplinary even into the Upper School, with a depth and breadth to the curriculum. 

With more than 20 classes offered for girls grades 6-12, GPS has shaped a curriculum of sequential coursework and performance opportunities in drawing, painting, ceramics, graphic design, dance, theatre, instrumental music, and vocal music.
“We are not an enrichment program—our work and our art are just as important as English and math because our areas bring light and understanding to the other disciplines. Not every girl is going to learn the same. Arts give us a platform to reach each girl and help her develop her voice—an essential part of building self confidence.” —Meg Brock, Fine & Performing Arts Department Chair

Fine Arts Curriculum

Middle School

  • Art - 6th Grade
  • Art - 7th Grade
  • Art - 8th Grade

*Middle School students take Art each year. 

Upper School

  • Art I
  • Art II
  • Art III
  • College Portfolio
  • 3D Design I
  • Ceramics 3D Design II
  • Sculpture I
  • Sculpture II
  • Media Arts
  • Graphic Design I 
  • Graphic Design II
  • Art Through the Ages
  • Advanced Placement Drawing
  • Advanced Placement 2-D
  • Advanced Placement 3-D
  • Advanced Placement Art History

Performing Arts Curriculum + Offerings

Middle School

  • Dance - 6th Grade
  • Dance - 7th Grade
  • Dance - 8th Grade
  • Motion Makers

  • Middle School Drama - 7th Grade
  • Middle School Theatre Arts - 8th Grade
  • GPS/McCallie Fall Middle School Production
  • McCallie Spring Middle School Production

Instrumental Music:
  • Exploring Music - 6th Grade
  • Strings - 6th Grade
  • Beginning Winds and Percussion
  • Strings - 7th Grade
  • Wind Ensemble - 7th Grade
  • Wind Ensemble - 8th Grade
  • Middle School Advanced Orchestra
Vocal Music:
  • Middle School Girls Choir
  • Middle School GPS/McCallie Coordinate Choir

Upper School

  • Modern Dance I
  • Choreography
  • Advanced Choreography
  • Terpsichord I, II, III
  • Upper School Dance Ensemble
  • Terpsichord

  • Drama I, II, III
  • Public Speaking
  • GPS/McCallie Upper School Fall Play
  • McCallie Fall Play
  • GPS/McCallie Upper School Spring Musical

Instrumental Music:
  • Senior Orchestra
  • Advanced Senior Orchestra
  • Tango
  • GPS/McCallie Honors Orchestra
  • McCallie Tornado Winds Pep Band

Vocal Music:

  • GPS Singers I, II, III, IV
  • GPS Singers
  • Candlelight Choir

Our Facilities

  • 2 theatres
  • 3 dance studios
  • 4 visual art studios
  • 1 ceramics studio and kiln room
  • 1 graphic design classroom
  • 1 video production studio
  • Orchestra, choral, and music practice rooms

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