GPS Alumnae

Women of Purpose and Integrity

Our alumnae are our greatest testaments to the GPS experience. The values that they carry from their time at GPS keep alive our legacy of educating girls for college and beyond. Their dynamic pursuits in virtually every field and industry have made imprints all over the world. Their commitment to paying forward the great investment made in their education continues to benefit generations of girls who call GPS home.
GPS alumnae report from all over the world their great pleasure in encountering “another GPS girl.” Perhaps it begins with recognition of the GPS ring, a token that GPS students receive during their junior year of Upper School, often worn as an emblem of pride for life. Or perhaps the recognition begins among the strong network of mutual friends and acquaintances they developed during their time at GPS. The common thread often links back to Cat/Rat days, rehearsing for orchestra, or practicing on the lacrosse field. Whatever the connection, the affection our alumnae hold for GPS runs deep.

#WhyGPS | Alumnae Edition

We asked some of our recent alumnae how their time at GPS impacted them, prepared them for college, and set them up for future success. Here's what they had to say.

Black Alumnae Council

In the fall of 2020, Black GPS alumnae came together to form the Black Alumnae Council (BAC) Steering Committee, which serves to connect alumnae and students with shared experiences and continue building a welcoming and supportive GPS campus community. The mission of BAC is to:

  • Attract: Facilitate programs and partnerships that attract Black students, faculty, and staff to the school
  • Retain: Support Black students—from admission to commencement
  • Engage: Connect current students and alumnae with mentoring and professional development
  • Donate: “Friend-raising” and fundraising for GPS needs
  • Serve: Act as GPS ambassadors in the community and to fellow GPS alumnae
The Council is excited to launch the Black Alumnae Council Endowed Scholarship to provide tuition assistance to a current or incoming Black GPS student(s). This scholarship will be added to the current portfolio of more than 80 endowed scholarships that help GPS annually fund $3.5M in financial aid awards. Other funding sources for financial aid include the annual Impact Fund campaign and the operating budget.

The initial goal to raise $50,000 over the next three years for the scholarship fund was realized in less than four months. Because this will be an endowed scholarship, the fund will generate income in perpetuity to be used for financial aid for Black GPS girls. The fund will continue to grow in value over time and should provide support to Black GPS students for decades to come. 

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