A Rich and Challenging Experience

A rich and challenging academic program has been at the core of our school since its founding in 1906. While adolescent girls often tend to view their success and failure as the result of innate, fixed, unchanging factors, at GPS they begin to model what research shows, that effort and hard work are better predictors of success than intelligence alone. That growth mindset comes with a toolbox of valuable skills— time management, study plans, seeking help—which each girl will need when she’s beyond the walls of GPS, into college, and even in a career. 
Beyond the traditional subjects of English, mathematics, science, world languages, and history, GPS girls fill their schedules with electives like computer science and engineering, fine and performing arts, health and wellness, and more, making the academic path for each girl her own. Taught by skilled, caring, and supportive faculty who are experts in teaching girls, our students dig deeper, stretch higher, and actively participate in their own education.
"Every day, I am amazed at what happens at GPS. The level of education, understanding, compassion, and exposure our girls receive in the classroom far exceeds that of any school I've worked for." —Jenise Gordon, Head of the Upper School

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