Student Experience

Service Opportunities

Service Opportunities

Making A Difference

At GPS, community service goes beyond volunteering—it is about creating positive change and educating future leaders. GPS students hammer nails for Habitat, but they also serve on selection committees; they tutor at community centers, but they also serve on government bodies that plan recognition of our community’s history and its people; they study the ecological issues impacting the Tennessee River’s watershed, but they also work side-by-side with girls from a local charter school who want to collaborate in learning.  

Partnering with Chattanooga community agencies, schools, and volunteer organizations can help students discover their heart to serve, answer the call to lead, and exercise the courage to engage in improving the larger community.

Local Partnerships
  • Chattanooga Area Food Bank
  • Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy
  • City of Chattanooga Office of Multicultural Affairs 
  • East Side Elementary School 
  • Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Chattanooga Area 
  • Northside Neighborhood House