GPS Admission Open House

Girls Preparatory School invites parents interested in learning more about our school to come spend the morning, or part of the morning, at GPS alongside our students and faculty. 
GPS Admission Open House for Parents

 Thursday, October 17 ● Tuesday, November 5 ● Tuesday, January 14
8 to 11:45 a.m.

For parents of girls in any grade
Choose the date that works best for you!

SPEND THE MORNING, or part of the morning, alongside our students and faculty. This day is an actual school day—not an event designed to mimic a school day—and will allow you the opportunity to see us just as we are. You’ll have the freedom to fully explore GPS and immerse yourself in our culture.

as many classes as you wish. We encourage you to visit both Middle and Upper School classes. The GPS experience is a journey designed to appropriately challenge and support your daughter as she grows and develops.

facts and figures, and brick and mortar, and live the moments that make our school unique.

your daughter as a GPS student and experience an environment designed for and dedicated to GIRLS.

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Schedule of the Day

COME WHEN YOU CAN! You are free to spend the entire morning with us or come for only part of the morning. When or for how long you choose to join us is up to you.

See below for the high-level schedule of the day. At registration, you will receive a printed program containing the high-level schedule of the day, the detailed schedule of the day (all classes offered during each period), and the campus map.

Tips for Your Day

UPON YOUR ARRIVAL, please report to Registration in the Frierson Theatre Lobby to check in and receive your nametag and event materials.

AT REGISTRATION, you will receive your nametag and printed program containing the high-level schedule,  the detailed schedule (all classes offered during each period), and the campus map.

VISIT AS MANY classes as you wish during your time here and during each period! Each class period is 45 minutes, and you do not have to stay in one class for an entire period. Our teachers know that you have a lot to see and expect you to step in and out. We do encourage you to visit both Middle and Upper School classes. The GPS experience is a process, one that builds year to year as our girls become the best versions of themselves.

THE GIRLS WITH pink T-shirts on over their uniforms are our GPS Ambassadors. They will be at various locations throughout the day to help you navigate the campus or decide what class you should see next. Whatever you need, they are here to help. 

are not the only ones eager to help! Parent volunteers wearing blue “Here’s to the GIRLS!” buttons will also be stationed around campus. Additionally, we think you will quickly find that everyone on this campus is more than happy to point you in the right direction or answer questions.

Campus Map

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