Specialty Camps

From superhero training and outdoor adventures to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, GPS Specialty Camps are designed to help ignite her inner spark! She will meet great friends, make lasting memories, and delve into new interests and abilities.

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  • + Adventure Chattanooga

    Grades: 4-6
    Dates: June 27-July 1
    Time: 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
    Cost: $350
    Instructor: Ashlyn Flock, Seventh-Grade Math Teacher and Volleyball Coach

    Get ready to go, go, go! Your girl will explore fun new interests and talents, both on campus and off, as she learns about her favorite city and surveys the great outdoors. Filled with plenty of engaging and interactive activities, Adventure Chattanooga is perfect for girls who like to learn new things and are ready to go full steam ahead!
  • + Balance Studios

    Grades: Pre-K-3
    Dates: June 27-July 1, July 18-22, July 25-29 
    Time: 9 a.m.-noon.
    Cost: $200
    Instructor: Grace Ratchford, Balance Studios

    Science meets art+yoga camp: June 27-July 1
    Sizzle, fizzle, pop, KABOOM! In this colorful and messy series, students will experiment with watercolor resists, marbling, color mixing and more. Learning has never been so fun! In yoga we will energetically learn how to best move our bodies to build flexibility and strength while also learning fun techniques and the art of calming down and relaxing. 
    Pop art and movement: July 18-22
    Campers will choreograph and learn dances to pop songs, create Pop art, and discuss influences of pop culture and the importance of remaining true to self. Through yoga, we will learn centering and true acceptance of ourselves.
    Nature Camp: July 25-29
    Come explore the natural world through art and yoga! In this camp, we’ll use plants, fibers, and other natural materials to make beautiful works of art. We’ll have fun creating our own paints and brushes. In yoga, we’ll celebrate the sun and the moon, grow the branches of our tree pose, and bloom into a beautiful lotus. 

    Boys are welcome to attend.
  • + Discovery Camp

    Grades: Pre-K-3
    Dates: June 27-July 1
    Time: 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. 
    Cost: $300 (full day), $200 (half day)
    Director: Kayla Milner 

    At Discovery Camp, she will have places to go and things to see and do! Your girl will discover more about Chattanooga through visits to local parks and spending time singing and crafting, and learning fun facts in her hometown! She won’t believe all there is to see, do, and discover in the Scenic City.

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  • + NEW! Girlboss Camp

    Grades: 4-6
    Dates: July 18-22
    Time: 9 a.m.-noon
    Cost: $250
    Instructor: Ryn Thomkins ’11, Entrepreneur and Photographer

    Has your girl ever wanted to start her own business? Discovered a solution to a problem the world could use? Then Girlboss Camp is right up her alley! Join GPS alumna Ryn Tompkins as she offers insight in to entrepreneurship and succeeding as a #girlboss and helps girls realize their leadership potential.
  • + Safe Sitter's Training with We R CPR

    Grades: 6-10
    Dates: June 20-24
    Time: 9 a.m.-noon
    Cost: $275
    Instructor: We R CPR Instructors

    The Safe Sitter program teaches students everything they need to know to be safe when home alone, watching younger siblings, or babysitting for hire. Attendees will learn life-saving skills such as how to rescue a choking victim as well as helpful safety information including what to do during severe weather. These babysitting lessons are filled with fun activities and role-playing exercises, as well as first aid and CPR training. 
  • + Summer Celebration Camp

    Grades: Pre-K-6
    Dates: July 25-29
    Time: 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. (half-day afternoon option available)
    Cost: $325 (Full Day); $200 (Half Day)
    Instructors: Meagan Delany ’18

    With school right around the corner, let her make the most of what is left of summer! With games, swimming, arts and crafts, and more, she’s invited to celebrate the end of summer with all her favorite camp counselors!
    • Adventure Awaits

“One of my favorite things about being a counselor is watching the kids grow up through the years and even having some who have joined as fellow sisters at GPS.”

—Meghan Delaney, former camper and counselor, GPS Class of 2018