A day school in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for girls grades six through 12

Where everything begins and ends with what is best for girls

For more than 110 years, Girls Preparatory School has been committed to academic excellence while educating the whole girl through a broad array of educational experiences. As students at GPS, girls grow in intellectual curiosity, honor individuality, learn to share their opinions with confidence, and discover the strength within them to change the world.

Why a Girls' School?

"In an all-girls school, we have a way of modeling for girls all the diversity within what it means to be a woman. There's not just one way to be a girl or to be a woman or to be a leader. There are literally hundreds of examples of that every day. I think that it's really important for girls to see there's not just one way to be smart, or one way to be successful, or beautiful, or one way to be a leader."
Dr. Autumn Adkins Graves, Head of School

Our School at a Glance

100% of our graduates attend four-year colleges and universities around the country and world
75% of the class of 2019 earned merit, talent, or athletic scholarships totaling more than $10 million
42% of our students receive financial aid
99% of recent graduates report that they are thriving in college

of recent graduates see the benefits of their GPS education in their everyday lives

94% of parents say GPS is thoughtfully designed for girls
100% of recent graduates say they were appropriately challenged at GPS

92% of recent graduates say their relationships with faculty are one of the most valuable aspects of attending GPS

Nearly 90% of recent graduates say they appreciated/saw the value of their GPS education while in college

More than 90% of recent graduates rate attending an all-girls school as the most valuable aspect of their school experience

91% of Middle School students report that the friendships they've made at GPS are one of the most valuable parts of their school experience

85% of recent graduates matriculated to their first or second choices of colleges and universities
Statistics sourced from GPS enrollment and student data and "GPS Constituent Surveys," Spring 2016.

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