Where She Wants to Go

We believe in the limitless potential of a girl who is known, nurtured, and supported.
A private day school in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for girls grades 6 through 12.

Girls Preparatory School,

where everything begins and ends with what is best for girls.

During the middle and high school years—the developmental stage of adolescence—a girl benefits most from attending a school designed specifically for her. In an environment where teachers, coaches, and peers accept, support, and encourage her, a girl is free to be herself and free to try new things. She more easily rejects the limitations both she and society may place on her and can forge her own path to reach her full potential.
There is an intentionality at GPS, an understanding and appreciation for the power of a girl you won’t find everywhere else. There is a difference.

Why a School for Girls?

We know girls and what they need to thrive.
In a learning environment tailored specifically to girls, she is unhindered in her journey of self-discovery and can explore endless possibilities, to become her most authentic self.


There is no difference in what girls and boys can learn. There is a difference in how they learn. 
Our learning environment is designed to foster a girl’s curiosity and build confidence while challenging her to develop her own unique academic path. 
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Every aspect of a girl’s life can be enhanced by participating in sports.
At GPS, she plays to win, but not just on the field. Research shows that in addition to contributing to her health and fitness, athletics enhances her relationships, confidence, emotional wellbeing, and even her academic performance. That’s why our athletic program is specifically designed to help her win at life.


For girls, there is value in integrating arts into nearly every facet of learning.
Recognized as a tenet for educating and engaging the whole girl, the arts help her tell her story, uncover hidden talents, and foster deep connections. At GPS, teachers find opportunities for cross-curricular engagement to enhance her understanding and comprehension.
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Student Experience

A girl becomes her best self when she ventures outside her comfort zone.
Beyond the classroom await countless opportunities for her to discover her purpose, explore new interests, and make memories and friendships to last a lifetime.

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