Reunion Weekend

The Notable Alumnae Awards

Recognizing Outstanding Graduates

In 2017, GPS established a Notable Alumnae Awards Program to recognize outstanding graduates. One alumna from each reunion class is chosen through a selection process that includes nominations by her class and then honored during our GPS Alumnae Weekend.

The Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes a select number of alumnae and GPS coaches for their outstanding accomplishments in and contributions to athletics while at GPS and beyond. In keeping with our tradition of athletic excellence, inducted alumnae represent worthy role models whom younger athletes might choose to emulate.

2023 Award Winners

Established in 1989, the Margaret Rawlings Lupton Award of Excellence recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of GPS alumnae. Women chosen for this honor have exhibited exceptional citizenship and service to the communities in which they live and beyond, either professionally or in a volunteer capacity. The Distinguished Alumna Award is given to the GPS graduate considered to be the most deserving, taking these three criteria into account: service in the home, church, community, professional achievement, and commitment to GPS. The Love of GPS Award is given to an alumna for her dedication to her school, with a commitment to foster involvement and growth.

2023 Margaret Rawlings Lupton Award of Excellence

Becca Stimson, PhD ’73

2023 Distinguished Alumnae Award

Ann Kimball Johnson ’63

2023 Love of GPS Award

Cate Tinkler Mueller ’83

2023 Notable Alumane

List of 13 items.

  • Elizabeth Bridge Bailey ’58

    Teacher, Volunteer, Advocate
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  • Ann Kimball Johnson ’63

    Ann Kimball Johnson ’63

    Language Therapist, Art Lover, Outdoor Enthusiast
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  • Susan Stimson Peak ’68

    Susan Stimson Peak ’68

    Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Connector
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  • Becca Stimson, PhD ’73

    Becca Stimson, PhD ’73

    Scientist, Educator, Trustee
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  • Ebbie Rowe Cruddas ’78

    Ebbie Rowe Cruddas ’78

    Advocate, Traveler, Fashionista
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  • Katherine Ruffner, MD ’83

    Katherine Ruffner, MD ’83

    Research Consultant, Life-Saver, Knitter-Extraordinaire
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  • Christa Clumpner Cauley ’88

    Christa Clumpner Cauley ’88

    Advocate, Leader, Helper
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  • Ashley Wolfe Evans ’93

    Ashley Wolfe Evans ’93

    Fundraiser, Believer, Chattahooligan
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  • Renita Eason, MD ’98

    Renita Eason, MD ’98

    Medical Director, Innovator, Leader
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  • Shelley Schmissrauter Kay ’03

    Shelley Schmissrauter Kay ’03

    Scientist, Educator, Protector
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  • Stephanie Ryals Komic ’08

    Stephanie Ryals Komic ’08

    Neonatologist, Academic, Dog Mom
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  • Emma McCallie ’13

    Emma McCallie ’13

    Education Advocate, Speaker, Entrepreneur
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  • Ameera Bhatti ’18

    Ameera Bhatti ’18

    Facilitator, Communicator, Poet
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List of 5 items.

  • + 2021 Notable Alumnae

    Jane Kennedy Greene, Class of 1971—50th Reunion
    Tennyson Rhodes Dickinson, Class of 1976—45th Reunion
    Robin Still Wintringham, Class of 1981—40th Reunion
    Melissa Peters, Class of 1986—35th Reunion
    Anjali Enjeti, Class of 1991—30th Reunion
    Darria Long Gillespie, Class of 1996—25th Reunion
    Charlotte Caldwell, Class of 2001—20th Reunion
    Robyn Spink Handschuh, Class of 2006—15th Reunion
    Morgan Elliott, Class of 2011—10th Reunion
    Victoria Hicks, Class of 2016—5th Reunion
  • + 2020 Notable Alumnae

    Adrienne White Rhodes, Class of 1950—70th Reunion
    Bea Rutledge Lyons, Class of 1960—60th Reunion
    Anna Clarke Sanders, Class of 1970—50th Reunion
    Kerri Martin Bartlett, Class of 1975—45th Reunion
    Julie Johnson Garner, Class of 1980—40th Reunion
    Marie Griffith, Class of 1985—35th Reunion
    Jennifer Jones, Class of 1990—30th Reunion
    Kinna Patel Crocker, Class of 1995—25th Reunion
    Alyssa Misner, Class of 2000—20th Reunion
    Sarah Grebowski, Class of 2005—15th Reunion
    Hallie Heald, Class of 2010—10th Reunion
    Nia Sanders, Class of 2015—5th Reunion
  • + 2019 Notable Alumnae

    Helen Burns Sharp, Class of 1964—55th Reunion
    The Class of 1969—50th Reunion
    Mary Katherine Lawrence, Class of 1974—45th Reunion
    Laurel Hawthorne Carney, Class of 1979—40th Reunion
    Janet West Batanghari, Class of 1984—35th Reunion
    Amy Edgar Sklansky, Class of 1989—30th Reunion
    Lela Moore, Class of 1994—25th Reunion
    Marissa Shrum, Class of 1999—20th Reunion
    Taylor Warren, Class of 2004—15th Reunion
    Chelsey Smith, Class of 2009—10th Reunion
    Anna Carroll, Class of 2014—5th Reunion
  • + 2018 Notable Alumnae

    Virginia “Gin”  Johnston, Class of 1953—65th Reunion
    Frances Zwenig, Class of 1963—55th Reunion
    Claudia Swafford Haltom, Class of 1973—45th Reunion
    Anne Hanahan Ford Kimzey, Class of 1978—40th Reunion
    Tish Shoemaker Gailmard, Class of 1983—35th Reunion
    Jennifer Vickery, Class of 1988—30th Reunion
    Margaret Cleary Dean, Class of 1993—25th Reunion
    Marcie Ulin, Class of 1998—20th Reunion
    Mary Katherine Roark Harbin, Class of 2003—15th Reunion
    Anna Mittelstadt, Class of 2008—10th Reunion
    Rachel Davis, Class of 2013—5th Reunion
  • + 2017 Notable Alumnae

    Kay Kendall, Class of 1962—55th Reunion
    Dr. Martha McCravey, Class of 1967—50th Reunion
    Patricia Ochs, Class of 1972—45th Reunion
    Virginia Anne Summitt Sharber, Class of 1977—40th Reunion
    Ann Dickerson Zack, Class of 1982—35th Reunion
    Molly Bishop Shadel, Class of 1987—30th Reunion
    Brooke Good Bowles, Class of 1992—25th Reunion
    Caroline Puri Mitchell, Class of 1997—20th Reunion
    Maithilee Kunda, Class of 2002—15th Reunion
    Katherine Cherry, Class of 2007—10th Reunion
    Raewyn Duvall, Class of 2012—5th Reunion