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Computer Science

The GPS Computer Science Department engages students in collaborative problem solving through an introductory Computer Science and Engineering curriculum. This is achieved through required courses in the 6th and 7th grades. Additionally, elective classes are offered in grades 8-12 to allow interested students to further explore topics such as web design, app programming, engineering, and AP Computer Science A.
  • Discover Computer Science 6

  • Design & Discovery 7

    Building on the skills gained in Discover Computer Science, Design & Discovery incorporates computer science, technology, and engineering principles to emphasize research, teamwork, digital organization, creativity, and problem solving skills. Topics include engineering, programming, game creation, robotics, 3D printing, and digital art. Throughout the course students use the engineering design process to collaboratively complete engineering design challenges in the various course topics. Keyboarding skills are developed in this course as well. Required in grade 7, this course meets two (2) times per week for the full year.
  • Digital Makers 8

    If you can imagine it, you can build it! With a foundation in Computer Science and Engineering, this elective course focuses on using the Engineering Design Process and Design Thinking principles to create in the digital space. This class harnesses all of the technology GPS has to offer and combines it with the creativity of the 8th graders to solve problems, bolster critical thinking skills, and design and manufacture products. Creations will be engineered with exciting digital tools such as iMovie and the 3D printer. Students will work individually and in small groups on projects throughout the course, culminating in a final project developed completely by the student! This course can be chosen to fulfill an 8th grade elective requirement; it meets two (2) times per week for the full year.


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    Lisa Wilkes
    Mathematics & Computer Science Department Chair
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    Jared Glass
    Director of Library Services
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    Elizabeth Resnick
    Technology Innovationist
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    Karen Richards
    College Counseling Administrative Assistant, Computer Science Teacher
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    April Ross
    Computer Science Teacher
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