Jane Henegar

Bible; 30 years
As Bible teacher for 30 years, Jane Henegar led thought-provoking explorations of the New Testament, Hebrew scriptures, and global issues. But her most profound impact was how she helped GPS girls become compassionate and confident young women. Leading by example, Henegar’s door was always open to both students and faculty for words of encouragement or counsel. In 1991, Henegar received the GPS Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award, and she won the Hubert Smothers Excellence in Teaching Award from the Tennessee Association of Independent Schools in 2010. During her tenure Henegar was involved with programs or clubs that dealt with girls’ hearts and character, including many Winterims at Windy Gap and SharpTop Cove Young Life camps. In 2012 she published a book, Praying Life, which includes prayers she prayed publicly and privately over her career. The book was compiled by former colleague Sara Gahan and illustrated by GPS students.