Debbie Bohner Young '79

P.E. Teacher, Volleyball and Track & Field Coach 1989-1993
Volleyball Coach 1995-2002
Director of Admission 2007-2018
Debbie came to GPS as a seventh-grader at the urging of her sixth-grade teacher, who suggested that the Bohners send their daughter to the most challenging school (specifically GPS), “if they will accept her.” Lucky for us, Debbie was granted admission and then decided to return to teach, coach, and ultimately lead our admission team for 12 years, forever leaving her imprint on our school and families.  
After graduating from GPS in 1979, Debbie obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in physical education from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She was later inducted into the GPS Sports Hall of Fame for her contributions to the school’s volleyball, basketball, and track teams. 
Debbie taught PE from 1989 to 1993 and coached varsity and Middle School volleyball as well as varsity track and field. Along with Peggy Michaels, she created the SHAPE program at the request of former Headmaster Randy Tucker, who wanted a unique physical education program that connected to what the girls were learning in their core classes. She also served as a faculty sponsor for Young Life, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and student council. 
After leaving GPS in 1993, Debbie returned just two years later to coach varsity volleyball and assist with the Middle School team until the hiring of Paul Brock in 2000, when she stepped aside to serve as his assistant coach.
Then in 2007, Debbie assumed the responsibilities of our Director of Admission, where she oversaw the admission process for hundreds of GPS girls and their families until retiring in December 2018. She also started our Admission Ambassador program initiative that allowed her to witness the growth of confidence in so many young women while being inspired by the unique story each girl brings to the ambassador experience. 
Young considers our Opening Day activities her favorite of the year because she gets to see the fruits of her labor. She loved seeing the faces of sixth-graders as they prepare to enter Frierson Theatre to a thunderous welcome.