GPS Posts Impressive Results in Area History Competition

Students travel to Tennessee Southeast Regional Contest of National History Day 2019 at Lee University
On February 28th, GPS girls from both the Middle and Upper Schools traveled to Lee University in Cleveland to compete in the Tennessee Southeast Regional Contest of National History Day 2019. The girls faced stiff competition from students drawn from schools across the region as they competed both individually and in groups to produce the best work on this year's theme, "Triumph and Tragedy in History." 
For the competition, our girls wrote papers, designed web pages, constructed exhibits, assembled documentaries, and debuted performances as a part of the competition. They explored historical events from a range of eras—from Joan of Arc at one end of the chronological spectrum to JFK and Civil Rights on the other with many stops in between. Projects on women's history were again popular this year, with two teams of our girls investigating women in factory labor, another the correlation between science and dance, and several projects focusing on women in athletics.
For the last several years, all GPS freshmen have completed a National History Day project as a part of their history class activities. Caroline Carlin, Dean of the Freshman Class and freshman modern world history teacher, says, "Since November, our class has been engaging in deep inquiry and research. Each time our girls came across an obstacle, they sought out new resources, asked for help, and took a different perspective—all hallmarks of true scholars. We look forward to continuing this process and supporting our girls as they advance to the state competition." 

Students placing first or second at the regionals are eligible to proceed to the statewide competition to be held in Nashville on Saturday, April 13, with third-place finishers serving as alternates.
"I always think that what our freshman girls produced is top notch, but I have to say that this year I am particularly proud of the Middle School girls from our after-school National History Day club activity," says Dr Ralph Covino, Dean of the Junior Class, freshman honors modern world history teacher, and Middle School club sponsor. "We had teams of sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-graders competing this year. I am extremely pleased that each and every girl put herself out there in the best traditions of GPS and was a fine ambassador for our school; each girl took a risk, tried something new, and did her best. You cannot ask for better than that."
Senior Group Documentary—Class of 2022
1st Place: Merrit Kelley, Liza Rogers, Cara Paty
3rd Place: Chloe Newman, Claire Nicola, Abbey Katelyn Pettus
Senior Group Exhibit—Class of 2022
2nd Place: Ansley Blevins, Catherine Lynch, Emmy Richey
Senior Group Performance—Class of 2022
3rd Place: Alyse Coakley, Hannah Kate Newman, Ann Marie Lindley, Willa Mirmelstein, Demi Stribling
Senior Group Website—Class of 2022
1st Place: Emma Hamilton, Abigail Kueter, Ruthie Wamack
3rd Place: Ellie Fivas, Lauren Thacker
Junior Group Documentary—Class of 2023
1st Place: Hannah Grace Kornberg, Elizabeth Odle, Anya Parambath
Junior Group Exhibit—Class of 2025
2nd Place: Haley Hixson, Sydnie Williams
Junior Group Performance—Class of 2024 
1st Place: Ainsley Bronze, Emerson Couch, Lucie DeGaetano, Odessa Young