Top 10 Takeaways from Rosalind Wiseman's Presentation

Our Support Services team condenses Wiseman's presentation to parents into 10 quick tips. 
1. Girls are complex but we must stop the language about mean/dramatic girls that perpetuates the legacy.

2. Be a good villager: Treat every girl as your daughter and eliminate gossiping/labeling. Instead, determine what can you do to support her/her family

3. Stop comparing yourself—social media provides a perfect platform for comparison. NO ONE has a perfect life. Ask before posting pictures of your child; it teaches her how to express consent.

4. Stop talking about your children—be more interesting. They are not billboards of your success and your oversharing perpetuates anxiety because they feel the need to maintain/surpass the bar.

Happiness is having: a sense of purpose, hope of success, meaningful connections, satisfying work, and a place to process and find peace.

6. Communicating with your daughter can be messy! But keep in mind that conflict is inevitable. Remember to keep perspective; it’s a moment not a lifetime. Keep your directives short and don’t repeat for emphasis. Give her space, ask fewer questions, and make eye contact (put away your phone). Somehow communicate that you’re glad she is in your life and that it is OK to ask for help.

7. Respect vs. Dignity: Respect is earned and you don’t have to respect everyone; dignity means “to be worthy” and everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.

8. Drama vs. Bullying: Drama is conflict that’s serious to the people involved but not taken seriously by other people entertained by it; bullying consists of repeatedly abusing or threatening to abuse power against another person.

9. Venting vs. Rumors: If your daughter is venting, ask yourself: Is she worried about this person? Does she want to express her frustrations? Does she want my advice? If your daughter is caught up in a rumor, she should ask herself: Are they telling me to get me involved in a conflict? Are they telling me to make me like this person less? Are they making me choose sides?

10. On Resource Board, GPS parents can access the slides used in Wiseman’s presentation. To reach out directly to a GPS Support Services member, please email, Upper School, or, Middle School.

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