Fine & Performing Arts Presents During IMPACT

Students' talents displayed for classmates, faculty, and guests.
During Friday’s much-anticipated IMPACT, our arts faculty showcased their students’ talents in the visual and performing arts. 

To start the program, GPS members of the GPS/McCallie Honors Orchestra performed “Concerto in G Minor, PV 411” by Antonio Vivaldi, featuring seniors Claire Lindeman on viola and Allison Lockhart on cello. The ensemble played this well-known piece with incredible focus and skill, directed by Mary Baxter, Orchestra Director & Music Instructor.

Then Motion Makers took the stage to present the first of their three dance pieces, choreographed by Laurel Moore Zahrobsky ’90, dance teacher.  

Their first piece, Bridging the Distance, performed to “Cold Is the Night” by the Oh Hellos, explores the idea of losing someone and missing them. “The longing for that person can weigh heavy on your heart,” Zahrobsky says. “And the dependency that was once there, given and received, is not anymore, causing a hole and making someone feel lonely.” 

Providing a respite for the dancers and entertainment for the audience, Meg Persinger Brock ’79, Fine Arts Department Chair, presented a 12-minute slideshow to showcase the fine arts the girls have created since the start of the school year. Featuring art from all grades and classes, taught by Brock, Debbie Glasscock, Julie Deavers, and Lee Wright, the slideshow spotlighted the myriad talents of GPS students in pottery, sculpture, graphic design, photography, drawing, painting, and more.

Once again on stage, the Motion Makers performed Rhythmic Connections, a dance that mirrors the music. When choreographing, Zahrobsky focused on the connection between the movement and the music. “But as the piece evolved, it also became about the connections made between the dancers, the music and the movement,” she says.

Then the Upper School Dance Ensemble performed No Roots, choreographed by Brittany Johnson-Mills, guest choreographer and Assistant Director of Chattanooga Dance Theatre. Set to music by Alice Merton, the piece showcases the amazing talents of eight students—six freshman and two sophomores.

To close the show, Motion Makers performed Familiar Joy, set to music by Colleen, this time welcoming four sixth-graders to the stage. “It's a celebration of friendship and camaraderie and realizing that those we spend time with can really be people who bring out the very best in us,” Zahrobsky says.

Thanks to our hard-working fine and performing arts department faculty for truly bringing out the best in each student you teach.