Welcome, Cats and Rats!

Time-honored GPS tradition pairs seniors and sixth-graders
While the 2020-21 school year began with a lot of changes in place, beloved traditions continue to keep our community connected. On Monday, August 17, seniors returned to campus for their group class photo followed by a meeting in Frierson Theatre to discuss the start of the year and introduce this year’s theme. 

The Class of 2021 enjoyed brunch on the lawn and then headed to the east gym to decorate and fill memory boxes for their Rats in lieu of decorating the sixth-grade lockers, since students aren’t using lockers this year due to COVID-19. Meanwhile, the sixth-graders were busy doing fun activities to get better acquainted with each other and the campus.

A time-honored GPS tradition, the Cat-Rat program pairs senior Cats with sixth-grade Rats. The Cats and Rats will remain buddies throughout the school year and typically share some social activities on campus. Many keep in touch even after the Cat graduates, with some even acknowledging their Grand Rats—a Cat’s Rat’s Rat! 

This year to reveal to the Rats who their Cats would be, the seniors decorated matching headbands so their Rats could more easily find them on the lawn at Smith Courtyard. After a brief chat, Rats were sent on an Easter egg hunt. Inside each egg was a number that determined her Cat’s Chapel Talk order, parking space, and seat in Chapel.  

For photos of the Cat-Rat festivities, see our SmugMug page to download images for free or order prints for a small fee.