The Benefits of Summer Camp for Your Girl

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Summer camp is a rite of passage and an incredible way to keep children engaged during the lesser-scheduled summer months, but its benefits go beyond the obvious. Whether opting for a week of half-day camp or spending the entire summer engrossed in various full-day offerings, campers will come away with a better understanding of who they are and what their futures hold. Consider the following benefits of summer camp for your girl:

Mental Stimulation and Physical Activity
Summer camp is the perfect way to help your child stay mentally and physically active. From swimming, dancing, and collaborating on art pieces to paddleboarding, meditating, and creating gratitude journals, summer camp offerings go beyond filling a child’s time. By truly engaging her mind, body, and spirit (while having loads of fun!) during the slower months known as the “summer slide,” her participation in summer camp can have a transformative effect. 

Say goodbye to mindless hours spent watching Youtube or playing video games and hello to amusement, engagement, and action! 

New Skill Development
Summer camp is all about deep-diving into new and exciting things. There may be a sport your daughter has been eager to try out but doesn’t typically have time for during the busy school year, or she may be curious to explore her artistic side. Just think: a week spent learning the ins and outs of cameras, photo composition, and editing software could spark a new hobby or even set her on a path to a future career!

Research suggests that an all-girls environment sets girls up for success, making them more likely to step out of their comfort zones and investigate new ideas and opportunities without fear of failure. With that mindset, nothing will stand in her way as she learns to navigate her interests and the environment around her while at camp.

Confidence Building
Growth and confidence come from seizing success and learning from failure. From shooting free throws to working up the courage to sing on stage, she will feel accomplished after completing camp’s small tests and big milestones.
Regardless of the activity and her performance level when camp begins, continual work with positive reinforcement will increase her measure of success, and thereby her confidence. By the time she leaves camp, she will see improvement, conquer some fears, and understand that she has an external support system to help her along the way. But what’s most important is the internal belief in herself that she will begin to recognize and foster.

Friendship Nurturing
Summer camp isn’t just about immersing girls in a beloved sport or activity, it’s also about helping them meet other like-minded peers who enjoy the same things they do. If your girl is attending a camp for her all-time favorite activity, what could be better than meeting a friend who has the exact same passion?! Or how about meeting a friend who encourages her to try something new?

And mutual interests are just the starting point. New camp friends are with her when she finally makes that penalty kick she has been working toward all summer or masters that tough dance combination after lots of practice. These bonding moments allow for deep connections that will last far beyond the summer.

Let’s be honest, the best part about summer camp is how much fun she will have! After a tough year, where many children didn’t get to enjoy their usual schedules and activities, camp is something to look forward to that’s right around the corner. With enriching all-day (or half-day, if you choose!) activities, your child can have a fun-filled summer with memories to last a lifetime.