NHS Inducts New Members

Seventy-seven members of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes were inducted into the Duffy Jarnagin chapter of the National Honor Society.
Last week during Chapel, the Duffy Jarnagin chapter of the National Honor Society welcomed 77 new members. Erin Davis Sizemore ’98, Dean of Students, welcomed the crowd to Frierson Theatre and said, “Today we will induct new members into the Girls Preparatory School Chapter of the National Honor Society, which seeks to recognize students for excellence in scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

The emblem of the National Honor Society is the keystone and the flaming torch. As the keystone is placed by the builder to hold a perfect arch in perpetual stability, the structure of our education must be held firm and true by the core values of the National Honor Society. We are proud to honor these new members today for their demonstration of those values.” 

Please help us in congratulating the following inductees:

Class of 2024
Requirement: 3.0 or higher GPA
Kinsley Armstrong
Tess Azzouz
Emma Bales
TaKierah Batts
Sofia Bean
Mae Collins
Emerson Couch
Harper Grant
Jordanne Jackson
Emma Johnson
Sophia Kate
Ava Kostka
Sophia Pollard
Sutton Read
Zella Stockman
Amelia Young
Linley Zahrobsky

Class of 2025
Requirement: 3.3 or higher GPA
Katiya Amason Rangno
Jane Baldwin
Lawson Barrueta
Ani Bhushan
Hazel Bolen
Adelaide Bond
Tessie Braman
Ansley Bratcher
Sadie Buhrman
Tasha Bundrick
Emma Davenport
Elsie Elliott
Anna Flint
Bella Hammond
Maddie Houghton
Sylvie Miller
Charlotte Myers
Gracie Pinkston
McCall Roach
Layla Robinson
Millie Sharplin
Layan Siyam
Josie Stribling
Grey Tugman
Brie Wallin
Mary Wamack
Ella Whitaker
Sydnie Williams
Hannah Wise
Sara Wright

Class of 2026
Requirement: 3.7 or higher GPA
Amelia Claire Anderson
Pink Brouillard
Alex Brumley
Mia Brunetz
Cullie Capecchi
Caroline Carpenter
Olivia Center
Evie Crutchfield
Lucy Faler
Svenyarose Friebner-Mueller
Lauren Gardner
Hadley Golden
Farah House
Lola Lawless
Bailey Long
Cecilia Mantel
Kamory Mayes
Tally Pierce
Macy Poole
Zari Poureshmenantalemy
Emma Rose Pratt
Paulina Proshkin
Madyson Sabin
Lenore Sanders
Lyla Schenck
Catie Senowech
Hannah Smith
Ellie Taylor
Avery Watson
Ella Wiley
Avery Wood

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Mrs. Sizemore offered her closing remarks. “On behalf of the faculty of Girls Preparatory School, I congratulate you on your membership in the National Honor Society,” she said. “We are proud of the high levels of excellence you have reached, and we challenge you to maintain the standards of the National Honor Society in scholarship, service, leadership, and character.”