Bluebell Honor Society for Service and Volunteerism Inducts Members

Students honored for community service commitment
Yesterday, 31 members of the GPS Upper School were inducted into the Bluebell Honor Society for Service and Volunteerism. Head of Upper School Dr. Beth Creswell Wilson ’96 served as emcee for the event acknowledging the society’s purpose is to encourage continual service to the community beyond GPS and recognize students with high participation in community service. “The bluebell’s color represents GPS’s identity and history of honor and integrity,” she said, “and the bluebell is a symbol of humility and gratitude.”

After reminding students of the GPS mission, Dr. Wilson said, “Today’s ceremony is an opportunity to reflect on what it means to pursue that mission through service to others.” She went on to quote former President George HW Bush who said, "Our nation faces a wide variety of challenges, but the solution to each problem that confronts us begins with an individual who steps forward and who says: I can help.” 

Marci Waldorf, Upper School Counselor and Partnerships in the Community Sponsor, spoke next, sharing student quotes about the role of service in their lives, which included phrases such as “I can create change no matter how small,” and “I appreciate the way volunteering links people of different age groups and makes connections within the community that wouldn't have existed otherwise,” and “Serving my community is truly one of the most meaningful things I do with my life.”

“As you can tell from what these girls have to say, volunteerism has brought wide-ranging benefits to both the community and themselves,” Marci said. “While solutions to the problems around us sometimes feel out of reach, every individual can make a positive difference in the world.”

Erin Davis Sizemore ’98, Dean of Students, took the podium next to welcome the inductees:
  • Hoda Alameddine ’24
  • Lawson Barrueta ’25
  • Holly Beale ’24
  • Caroline Bernard ’26
  • Frances Bohner ’25
  • Ainsley Bronze ’24
  • Mia Brunetz ’26
  • Sadie Buhrman ’25
  • Abigail Carpenter ’24
  • Ellie Crowe ’25
  • Emma Davenport ’25
  • Lucie DeGaetano ’24
  • Cat Feeney ’25
  • Gabbi Fivas ’24
  • Maddie Frierson ’24
  • Caroline Grant ’25
  • Josie Jullienne ’27
  • Morgan Miller ’24
  • Charlotte Parsley ’24
  • Ella Peterson ’24
  • Emma Pratt ’26
  • Molly Ransom ’27
  • Layan Siyam ’25
  • Annabelle Smith ’26
  • Harper Stinson ’24
  • Adison Stuckey ’25
  • Eliana Tabibiazar ’25
  • Evelyn Towns ’25
  • Ella Beth Wiedmer ’25
  • Hannah Wise ’25
  • Audrey Zmaj ’24
Dr. Wilson concluded the program saying, “Congratulations, girls. I look forward to witnessing your continued positive impact on others throughout your time at GPS and beyond.”