Got Talent 15 Names Winners

Sixteen acts from GPS and McCallie competed for top prize
Yesterday, Frierson Theatre played home to some serious skill when GPS and McCallie students took the stage to perform during the 15th annual Got Talent. This event is always a sell-out and has featured everything from dances to improv and even yo-yo skills in years past. The lineup this year was primarily musical in nature, though each performer managed to set themselves apart (McCallie’s Cameron Kitts ’27 played the piano “blindfolded,” for instance).

Kensley Boyd ’24 and Joshua Ellsworth ’24 served as emcees for the afternoon showcase, awarding the top prizes of the night to McCallie’s Ellison Lord ’26 (1st), Jonas Conner ’27 (2nd), and Ian Hassevoort (3rd); GPS sixth-graders Hansini Puttagunta ’30, Nayana Vardhana ’30, Serena Shridharani ’30 took home the prize for the top middle school act. A 15-minute intermission featured a classical guitar performance of LaLa Land-favorite “City of Stars'' from McCallie’s Tomia Ilesanmi ’27, while 2022 Got Talent winner Sid Cheemakoti took the stage as part of the Dock Party Band during the tabulation of votes. The complete lineup featured the following acts:

  • Allie O’Donnell ’29 & Tallulah Bechtol ’29 | “Be A Light” | Vocals
  • Derek Stone ’28 | “Bear Tracks” | Banjo
  • Arrush Nagre ’26 | “Muqabla” | Dance
  • Veda Sivaraman ’30 & Sarah Smith ’30 | “Hallelujah” | Piano & Vocals 
  • Ella Beth Wiedmer ’25 | “You’re So Vain” | Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
  • Ellison Lord ’26 | “I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)” | Piano & Vocals
  • Harry Chen ’25 | “Pentiment” | Light & Musical Conflict
  • Jonas Conner ’27 | “Dancing On My Own” | Electric Guitar & Vocals 
  • Arysa Kayasit ’24 | “Enemy” | Rap
  • Tori Ball ’25 | “Silver Springs” | Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
  • Hector Knight Durbach ’26 | “Valentine & Midnight” | Electric Guitar Mash-Up
  • Hansini Puttagunta ’30, Nayana Vardhana ’30, Serena Shridharani ’30 | “Nagada Sang Dhol” | Dance Performance
  • Ian Hassevort ’24 | “Hallelujah” | Original Lyrics & Piano
  • Gracyn Coverly ’27 | “Heartbreak Anniversary” | Vocals
  • Cameron Kitts ’27 | “Maple Leaf Rag” | Piano
  • Caleb Mathews ’24 & Oscar Kong ’24 | “An Original” | Solo House Sax & Drums
Many of this year’s performers have actually participated in Got Talent in the past. In fact, Ellison’s first-place finish the year edged out his second-place finish last year, while Jonas’s second-place finish cemented his reigning talent after winning the middle school performance award last year. Allie O’Donnell ’29 and Tallulah Bechtol ’29 placed third last year.

To take the stage in front of so many friends, family, and peers can be nerve wracking, and we are incredibly impressed with all who performed!