Destinee Lansden ’13

After graduating from GPS, Destinee Lansden ’13 attended The University of Memphis where she majored in biology and minored in chemistry and English. She was a standout sprinter while at GPS (she holds the school record for fastest 100m, 200m, and 400m!) and continued her athletic excellence as a member of the Tigers track team. After college, Destinee remained in Memphis. She is currently a Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist at a medical device company.

Please describe your current role.
As a Regulatory Affairs Specialist, I make sure that my company’s products comply with regulations and laws. I am heavily involved in product development to ensure that our products have the necessary documentation to submit to regulatory agencies to prove compliance. I am the primary contact who communicates with regulatory agencies and am the person responsible for making sure that our products get approval from those regulatory agencies for us to put to market.

When did you become interested in the arts? 
I became interested in the arts during COVID. I gravitated towards applied arts, specifically crafting. It was not something that I always knew I wanted to do; however, I did know that I was skilled at looking at certain items and spaces and coming up with creative ideas. 

Did you participate in any art classes or extracurriculars while at GPS?
While attending GPS I took Photoshop, which I loved, and was a part of the volleyball and track teams. 

How have the arts impacted your life?
The arts have allowed me to have an outlet to express myself. I enjoy seeing the ideas that I have in my mind come to life. With crafting, it is nice to be able to make things that are functional and give them a personalized touch. Crafting has also allowed me to connect with other people. I love when people reach out to me to create something from them. It brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction to see their excitement when they see the final product. 

What does it mean to you to be able to express yourself through art?
For me it is a way for me to show my individuality and style. I thoroughly enjoy looking at my crafts and designs knowing that I was the person who created them.  

Why is it important that we highlight Black artists?
It is important to highlight Black artists because they have the power to inspire, influence, and diversify the arts. I believe that it is important to have spaces where Black artists are welcomed and celebrated for their contributions. Highlighting Black artists is a way for other Black people to be seen, and it can inspire them to pursue certain arts fields that aren’t as traditional. 

What did your time at GPS mean to you? 
GPS taught me how important sisterhood is and that women have so much to contribute to society. I believe that being in an educational environment where I was comfortable having discussions with my peers has benefited me in my career because I confidently participate in meetings and share my thoughts and ideas.