Top 6 Reasons You Should Attend an Admission Event

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If you are beginning to look for a school for your daughter to attend next year, you know what an undertaking it is. You want to ensure that the institution your family chooses is the best fit for her—both academically and personally. 

You may already be leaning toward one school, or you may feel you have an adequate understanding of all the options to skip past the getting-to-know-you phase. Perhaps you have friends whose children already attend a specific school, so your decision feels like a no-brainer. While you can depend on what others have shared, we truly believe the best way to discover if a school is the right school for your daughter’s unique personality and learning style is to learn all you can—and that means visiting campus, talking to faculty and staff, and immersing yourself in the experience.

Here, we’ve compiled the top six reasons why you should attend an admission event.

1. Learn about the admission process.

It’s involved—we know! But the steps in the admission process are designed to not only make sure your daughter will be a good fit at GPS, but also to ensure GPS is a good fit for her. It’s also organized to allow us to evaluate all applicants fairly. By attending an admission event, you will learn every required step as you apply, including important deadlines and necessary paperwork. You will also get insight into testing strategies for the required admission testing, called the Secondary School Admission Test, and other useful tips you might not find elsewhere.

2. See campus in its most authentic and joyous state.

We are thrilled to be able to offer on-campus admission events and campus tours this year, after COVID-19 impacted our ability to have visitors on campus last year. When you visit campus when our students are present, you get to see what a day in an all-girls learning environment is truly like. From witnessing singing in the cafeteria to getting a peek into classroom lectures and activities, you and your family will be able to see if GPS feels right for your girl.

3. Meet the faculty and staff who will guide your daughter through her formative years.

Adolescent girls experience significant changes in a relatively short period of time. Did you know that a girl’s confidence drops, on average, 30% from age 8 to 14? At GPS, we believe that an education isn’t only about academics; it’s also about growing as a person. Our program is designed to instill a growth mindset, which allows students to realize their potential and gain confidence, and our faculty and staff are their biggest cheerleaders. They see your girl as a person first and a student second.

4. Experience the all-girl classroom.

Many people have never experienced single-sex education firsthand, and that’s okay! But it is a unique experience. We encourage everyone considering sending their daughter to GPS to really see for themselves the all-girl classroom to get a feel for what her day-to-day learning will entail. It’s different! In speaking about their time at GPS, our alumnae always harken back to the all-girl classroom and how it helped them develop confidence to speak up in class, to ask questions, and to feel comfortable answering questions, even if their answers might be wrong.

5. Discover the science behind our approach to teaching girls.

While there’s no difference in what boys and girls can learn, there is a difference in how they learn. We structure our program and curriculum around how girls learn best, and it’s based on the science that proves male and female brains develop differently. By attending an admission event, you will learn the specifics behind the science and how GPS is thoughtfully designed to provide what girls need to thrive.

6. Meet others going through the same process.
School is about community just as much as it’s about what your girl is learning in the classroom, and meeting others going through the same process helps initiate bonds to last a lifetime. Getting to know other parents whose daughters are the same age and going through the same things can help provide a sense of understanding you might not have elsewhere. It’s also a great way to view information through a different lens or perspective.

In the end, we hope girls choose the school that feels most comfortable to them—the one that makes them feel the best about themselves—regardless of whether or not it’s GPS. (Of course, we hope it is!) By engaging completely in the admission process and attending events, you equip yourself with the best knowledge to make an informed decision. 

We’re here for you if you have any questions or concerns. Give us a call at 423.634.7644 or email our office at